Fall Recipes

Welcome to Adventures in the Kitchen

I’m Cheri, and I’m here to help you have fun in the kitchen and gather people around the table with hospitality tips and delicious recipes. As a cooking school owner and former Betty Crocker blogger, I created Adventures in the Kitchen to encourage people to gather in the kitchen and learn to cook.

I believe is something magical that happens when we gather together and share a meal. Hospitality, inviting others into your home, and eating together leads to building deeper relationships and life-changing conversations.

Cooking together makes a powerful team-building activity. In teams, they collaborate to create a meal and end with a time of celebrating around the table. Our competition challenges like Cupcake Wars, Chopped, and Pizza Wars cultivate creativity and critical thinking.

Pumpkin Recipes

From pumpkin spice protein shakes to waffles find recipes for this seasonal flavor.


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