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Pumpkin Pear Soup

pumpkin pear soup

Fall arrives and my desire for cooking warm seasonal meals goes into high gear. I love cooking for my family and friends. Harvest dinner parties in cooler weather with seasonal food. This Pear Pumpkin Soup will be starting many parties this fall.

pumpkin pear soup

I am partnering with Mountain High Yoghurt to create a series of seasonal recipes and this Pumpkin Pear Soup is a great starter for holiday dinners or served along a salad for a weeknight dinner.

The sweetness of the pear’s complement the pumpkin and is a great soup for the kids. This year instead of adding cream I am stirring in Mountain High Plain Yogurt. It gives the soup creaminess without the extra calories.

When hosting dinner parties I like having several dishes that you prepare ahead of time so that I can enjoy the time with my family and friends without running around the kitchen. This is great because you make it in one pot, a day ahead of time. Heat up just before serving. For Thanksgiving, we like to put it in the crockpot with mugs and let people serve themselves.

Here is how to make the Pumpkin Pear Soup.

pumpkin pear soup 2

Saute the onions and apples along with the pumpkin pie spice.

pumpkin pear soup

When the mixture is dry add the stock and pumpkin.

pumpkin pear soup

I used an immersion blender to mix, but if you don’t have one use a blender or food processor. Bring to a boil and then remove from heat. When cooled mix in the yogurt. Store until ready to serve and heat up slowly over the stove before serving.

I top the soup with a mixture of yogurt and honey, sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice, and sprinkle toasted hazelnuts and dried cranberries. It makes such a pretty start to your meal.

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