Asian Salmon

I had my first dinner party in my new place. I had forgotten how much I love to entertain. It is fun to actually have a table where I can have more than one friend over at a time. It was great to share my new home with my friends, who are always willing taste…


Chicken Piccata

My love of cooking really blossomed in my early twenties. I would cook for the guy I was dating at the time or a groups of friends  One of my favorite dishes to make was Chicken Piccata. Somehow over the years that recipe dropped off my rotation. I have been considering joining the group Barefoot…


Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I am sure you can relate to my day. I had a craving for PF Changs Lettuce Wraps. The problem is I don’t live near a PF Chang’s anymore. I started looking for a recipe. Then at the grocery store I saw ground chicken, which is used in the recipe. I came home researched the…


Thai Chicken Saute

I have been looking for small light recipes to try. I am sure I am not the only one looking to watch what I am eating. I am determined to find some tasty low fat recipes to add to my recipe box. First try was Thai Chicken from Cooking Light. It was quick to make….

Chicken | Pasta

Chicken Parmesan

There has been talk of people turning to comfort food in the midst of our economic crisis here in the US. Last Sunday when my friend, who had a crazy week, wanted to come hang out,  I thought Italian comfort food…Chicken Parmesan. I had seen Mario Batali’s recipe on a recent magazine cover. The recipe…

Recipes | Shellfish

Shrimp Two Ways

I have had a few shrimp recipes waiting to be tried so I thought I would try both in one weekend. A little shrimp cook off shall we? The first was from Cooking Light and featured a Jalapeno Lime Marinade. This one is easy. Marinade for a half hour and off to the grill. This…