Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Hatch Chile Potato Casserole

Last night my friend threw an impromptu barbeque and I knew immediately what I would bring. The day before I saw this Hatch Chile Potato Casserole over at the Homesick Texan. Her grandmother had passed away and this is a dish similar to what they bring to funerals. I didn’t mention that part to my friends at dinner. But it is a sweet tribute to her grandmother, along with some fun photos from her childhood. Food is such a great backdrop for family and relationships.

I still had more hatch chiles and have been looking for new ways to use them. I was a little worried my beach friends might reject it as being to rich. Well, no worries there, the dish was pretty much licked clean.

It is spicy and rich. Like she says on her blog, not a dish you’d make everyday but it will be a hit when you do. Visit her site to read her story and get the recipe.


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