Week 2: Blessing Others With A Meal


Food and community go hand in hand at the Redemption Table. A homemade meal to a family in the midst of illness or grief blesses them. It brings comfort and necessity to the family. They can spend time where they need to be and not in the kitchen. No matter what we are going through everyone still needs to eat.

This week we will be talking about different opportunities for blessing our community. In good and bad times food is a way to show how much we care.

Over the last few years I have sadly have too many opportunities to bring  a meal while they or a loved one fought a serious illness. I know firsthand they are such a blessing. When they have so much on their mind, it is nice to know a warm meal will appear for their family to eat. New apps and online tools have made it so easy to organize. People can sign up for a meal. When you sign up you get to see the calendar and the other meals already planned.

Here are my two favorite:

Meal Train
Take Them A Meal

Here are tips for coordinating meals for a friend in need:

1. Ask them to share a list of likes and dislikes – this makes it easy for the friends. Plus, the family isn’t stuck with a meal no one will eat.

  •      What vegetables do /don’t they like?
  •      What is their favorite 3 meals?
  •      Are there any dietary restrictions?

2. Set them up with a cooler outside their door, so that food can be dropped off. This is helpful so they are not tethered to home or not up to seeing guests.
3. Have detailed instructions on when and how to drop off the food.
4. Use plastic or paper containers so that the family does not have to worry about getting dishes back to people
5. Set up an email reminder system and someone to contact if an emergency comes up.
6. Have a party to prepare freezer meals they can have on hand.
7. Another great option is to provide gift cards for local restaurant delivery

The last meal I brought for a friend’s family included Cookie Dough Brownies. The brownies were a HUGE hit.

For other menu ideas here are few starting points:

Penne Alla Vodka – add grilled chicken

Lasagna Formaggio

Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Brownies

Six Easy Meals To Take

10 Make Ahead Meals

What is your favorite meal to bring to someone? Share below!

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