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Warm Winter Dream Tea Smoothie

Winter Dream Tea Smoothie

Winter Dream Tea Latte’s are one of my winter splurges. I only allow myself a few each year but I love the spicy taste. I am trying to incorporate more smoothies into my diet right now but sometimes cold does not satisfy on a cooler day. I can’t say a cold day when people are freezing across the country and it is sunny outside today. That just wouldn’t be right!

After some inspiration, I created a Warm Winter Dream Tea Smoothie. While the tea is brewing you can gather your ingredients into the blender. Add the warm tea, blend and you have a warm afternoon pick me up. It is that easy.

Winter Dream Tea Smoothie

Warm Winter Dream Team Smoothie

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  • Pour the boiling water into a cup with the tea bag. Let steep for 2 minutes.
  • Place remaining ingredients into blender. Add the warm tea and blend. Pour into a cup and shake a little cinnamon on the top. Drink warm.
Author: cheri