Visit to Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers Event

Martha show

Recently I felt like I hit the jackpot when I went to New York to attend the Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers event.

80 passionate women came there to attend a two day event. My friend Laurie, owner of The Dog Squad and Twinkle Couture also attended. We had Monday to play and made the most of it braving the ice cold weather. With my recently sprained ankle tightly wrapped I limped around the city. I am still paying for that day! But we were in New York I couldn’t just sit in the hotel! We started at Balthazar for an early lunch. I had the most delicious, creamy goat cheese tart with a mixed green salad. After that it was off to shop.

Laurie and I at the Plaza for Tea

A highlight from Monday was having tea at The Plaza. Who doesn’t love The Plaza and the history of such a beautiful hotel. I always think of Eloise, especially watching all the little girls dressed up for tea. At an adjacent table there was a dad dining with you his little girl, sharing tea sandwiches and sipping tea. It was so cute. Chef Johnny Franco came out and talked with us. It turns out he grew up here in Orange County.

Laurie & Chef

That evening there was a Meet and Mingle where we had our first opportunity to meet the other Dreamers Into Doers attendees. They were from all over the United States. I saw Janis and Jean, fellow LA attendees.

Tuesday we rolled out of bed early to attend a taping of The Martha Stewart Show.

At Martha Show
Martha Speaking
People Pictures

From there we went on to MSLO, the headquarters for most of her endeavors. It was a rainy day so we were a bit drenched by the time we arrived. The building is huge and the floor is one city block big. As you walked through the offices you caught glimpses of the magazines, Martha Stewart Michael’s products and saw a huge room filled with beds for her line of linens.

The florist at the end of the hall.

Flower stand at Martha Stewart

One funny thing is that sign posted on the inside of every bathroom stall.

We were treated to a lovely lunch and and heard from Teri Shaprio of Deluxe.

At the end of the day Martha joined us for a session on foundations. I wish I could show you a cute picture of the two of us but the mob scene swallowed her and she slipped out. This will have to do.


The evening ended with mini makeovers by Jane Iresdale and cocktails.

So much more to share. I’ll post more this week about the second day and meeting the Food Editor of Martha Stewart Living.

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