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Day 6: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Beauty 3 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco1

Food can be redemptive physically. The right foods fuel our body. They have the power to heal. Many of my friends are vegetarians or following a gluten free diet. These diets have changed their lives. Meatless Monday’s are a nice way to cut out meat and explore new dishes. I want to be able to cook up a meal friends and family following a special diet.

These Vegetarian Sloppy Joe Tacos are a riff on a treasured Liefeld family meal. My mom has made them for as long as I can remember. Her recipe is regularly requested by my niece and nephew. This Vegetarian Sloppy Joe Taco gets protein from beans and seasoning from Old El Paso Seasoning. Their Old El Paso® Hard and Soft Shell Dinner Kit provides the foundation to build a quick and easy dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Photo 1 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco

Start with fresh peppers, tomatoes, garlic and  onions.

Photo 2 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco2
Saute for 7 to 8 minutes.

Photo 3 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco3

Add in the beans, taco sauce, seasoning packet, ketcup, Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar.

Photo 4 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco4

Simmer for a few minutes.

Photo 6 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco6Stir in the lime juice.

Beauty 1 Veg Sloppy Joe Taco

Serve topped with chopped lettuce and salsa in taco shells. Go over and visit Old El Paso® to discover many new ideas for your family meals.

I was compensated by Old El Paso® to develop a series of recipes. Opinions are 100% mine.


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