Cupcake Wars Challenge

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Our sweet hands-on baking challenge! The Adventures In The Kitchen Chefs prepare a meal of salad and flatbreads for your group. After a 30 minute lunch, the group breaks into teams for an epic Cupcake Wars battle! Each team creates their cupcake and decorates their own signature cupcakes. A representative from each team presents their award-winning cupcake to the group and Adventures In The Kitchen Chefs, who will determine a winning cupcake. Each team is judged on creativity, their presentation, and of course, taste. together to create a delicious cupcake to win the challenge!

  • Hands-On Baking & Decorating Event with Adventures In The Kitchen to Assist
  • 2.5 Hour Event
  • Your Pick the Date and Time
  • Adventures In The Kitchen Chef Prepared Lunch/Dinner Included


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