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Naan Thai Chicken Pizza

Recently I saw a recipe for a Thai Chicken Pizza using naan, in one of the magazines. I made this and then never shared. Sadly, I can’t remember so I can’t credit this properly. I made a few tweaks but loved how easy this pizza was. I have a weakness for Thai Chicken anything so this caught my eye.

It is a great way to use leftover roast chicken. You could also toss in a few vegetables. Best of all it is a quick meal.

It has been hot here, like over 100 degrees for days on end. Thankfully, it seems to be cooling down. When it gets that hot, food doesn’t even sound good and my kitchen is not a cool place. I have been reading posts where people are saying it is getting cool. We are longing for those days.


Last week I received an email from Bon Appetit asking to use my S’more Waffle in a piece online. Being a devoted reader of Bon Appetit for many years, I was thrilled. You can see it, along with 9 other crazy waffles, over here. There are many yummy ones to chose from. Thank you Bon Appetit!

Back to Thai Chicken Pizza. This recipe is a great weeknight meal. Mix the sauce together in a pan. You could make this ahead of time. Layer the sauce, chicken, cheese and cilantro and bake in an oven. Make a salad and dinner is served

naan thai chicken pizza topped

What’s your go to week night meal?

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