Corporate Team Building

Have you ever noticed how everyone always ends up in the kitchen at a party? At Adventures In The Kitchen Cooking School we use this gathering place as a tool to break down barriers and teach valuable skills through the common bond of food appreciation and cooking.

Whether you decide upon an informal meeting or an “Iron Chef” competition, sharing time in the kitchen is a proven way to get the inspiration flowing and the interaction growing! And what better way to finish than by sharing a meal at the end of the day when the team has worked toward a common goal?

Our school is the perfect place to bring your employees for an adventure that will enhance the dynamics of your organization and re-energize your corporate family. Cooking together

  • Brings focus to your group on working together and discovering their hidden talents.
  • When people walk through our door, all titles lose their importance — what matters is what they bring to the table!
  • Requires delegation, time management and attention to detail
  • Stirs up creativity

Chef-owner Cheri Liefeld left the non-profit world to feed her soul by building a career in  career as a culinary instructor and food writer. The skills she learned both as a chef and a non profit executive make Chef Cheri uniquely qualified to develop the team building events that are fun, successful and meaningful.

How To Get Started

1) Choose your date
2) Choose your format
3) Choose your cuisine

Team Building Programs

Classic Culinary Team Building 

The group will work together to prepare the components of a three-course dinner

Cooking With Love  NEW!

The group will prepare a meal for a group through a local shelter or group home.

Mystery Ingredient Competition – Chopped Style

The groups are divided into teams. Each team will pick a leader, choose ingredients, create a menu, and prepare and cook the dishes for judging.

Restaurant Pop Up Team Building Challenge

There is a fun new trend in the culinary world: pop-up restaurants. In this fun, fully interactive event, teams will create a unique pop-up of their own. In the time allotted, each team will name their pop-up concept, create a unique tag line, along with preparing their signature dish!

Be A Food Network Star Competition

Let your teams shine. This is your chance to hit the big time! Each team will choose a theme for their own food network show, prepare a signature dish and get ready for their 2-3 minute pitch to the studio execs.

At the end of each program, the group will dine together on their creations. You are welcome to bring wine, beer, or the beverage of your choice.

Please call (714) 497-0724 for a description!