Chocolate Raspberry Pot Pies

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What happens when you marry chocolate with comfort food? You get a Chocolate Raspberry Pot Pie topped with ice cream and hot fudge. This is a serious dessert for chocolate lovers.

We have already started up our barbecues and outdoor gatherings. I love sitting around the table after dinner with friends and family sipping wine and talking about life.

The other night a group of us were discussing Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It really is such an amazing book that makes you think about your life. He talks about what kind of story are we living and challenges you to go out and create the life you desire. Reading the book I find myself dreaming of a more interesting story, finding courage to take steps and and anticipating where they will take me.

Contemplating life and taking big scary steps can make you run home to your favorite comfort food. This Chocolate Raspberry Pot Pie is decadent and will bring a smile to your face. As you break through the chocolate pie crust it oozes rich warm chocolate speckled with tart raspberries . It reminds me of my first molten chocolate cake I ate at Roy’s in Maui. on a warm summer night.

If you like dark chocolate you can use Nestle’s dark chocolate chips. I ended up blending the milk and dark chocolate chips for my chocolatey goodness.
Chocolate Raspberry Pot Pies
Prep Time: 30 minutes   Start to Finish Time:  1 1/2 hours  Servings:  6
Chocolate Pie Crust (see below)
10 ounces milk chocolate or semi sweet
1 stick butter
1/3 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 pint raspberries
Vanilla ice cream
Hot fudge sauce

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Roll out the chocolate dough on a surface sprinkled with cocoa. Use your ramekin or custard cup and cut out a circle that will sit on the top.
In a medium saucepan of medium heat place chocolate and butter. Stir while the mixture melts. Add sugar, eggs and vanilla. Stir until well combined.
Place the ramekins on a baking sheet. Line the bottom of each ramekin with raspberries. Pour the chocolate mixture over the raspberries and place a chocolate circle on the top. Press gently down around the edges.
Bake 15 minutes until the dough slightly browns. Top each potpie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pour hot fudge sauce on top and add a few fresh raspberries.
Chocolate Pie Dough
1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 stick cold butter, cubed
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons cold water

In a small bowl mix egg, sugar and water.
Place flour and cocoa powder in food processor. Add butter and mix until butter is the size of peas. Add sugar and egg mixture. Mix until dough starts to clump together.
Form a disk and wrap with plastic. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

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