Breakfast Parfaits


This morning, on a beautiful sunny California day, I wanted something light for breakfast.

I ended up making a breakfast parfait from things left in my kitchen. I had strawberries and blackberries and used this yummy granola I buy at Zinc Cafe.

Zinc Cafe is a local cafe and market in both Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach. I happened to meet the owner this last year, waiting in line for an IPhone one Saturday morning. Yes, I was one of those crazy people. He was inspired by Alice Waters, Cafe Fanny. They serve delicious food. Breakfast feature frittatas, homemade scones and oatmeal. The one nearest me has a little wine and cheese area where I have discovered many yummy cheeses.

Their granola has oats, pecans, flax seed, coconut and orange rind. It is light and crunchy.

You can take this recipe and make your own creation from your refrigerator. This would make a great starter for a brunch.

1 container yogurt ( I used Yoplait Orange Creme)
1 cup of berries
1/4 cup granola

Take a glass, parfait glass or a wine glass. Spoon part of the yogurt on the bottom, top with the granola, then the fruit. Repeat the layers and then sprinkle 1 teaspoon of granola over the top of the fruit.

parfait beg

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