Betty Crocker & Pillsbury Recipe Round Up

In my early teens I would go home after school and pull out my Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls and look at recipes to try. That book was a formative piece as I developed my love of cooking. Each week when I submit my recipe for the Daily Dish over at Betty Crocker or Pillsbury I still smile and think what a lucky girl I am.

I have had the opportunity to cook up some fun dishes so I thought I would share a few with you. If you like them you can easily share with your friends on facebook, twitter or via email.

This Fig, Carmelized Onion and  Flatbread might not be the best picture I ever took but the pizza was one of the tastiest. It has fig preserves and fresh figs. I have become a passionate fig lover recently.

Pizza Pot Pie is great fun for the kids, even adults. You can turn an everyday meal into a fun make your own pot pie party!

Over at Betty Crocker this week you could find one of my favorite flavors – Pineapple Fried Rice. Each bite is bursting with pineapple and fresh herbs. It is a great side to grilled chicken or fish.

In my article on 10 Fun Things to Do With Tortillas I made these cute Mini Chicken-Caesar Salads along with other ideas for recipes.

Jaci Wilson and Carolyn Watson were the winners of Karen Ehman’s book!

Tomorrow I will be starting a new giveaway for a Vonny Casserole carrier. Have you seen how cute these are? Check back tomorrow for ways to win! Don’t forget to tune in to Adventures In The Kitchen Sunday at 4 pm on KKLA.

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