Adventures In The Kitchen Radio Launches

Last December a new friend, Lance,  shared a dream he had of implementing new weekend programming at KKLA where he worked. Sharing a mutual love for food & cooking I was telling him about my blog and the cookbook I have been working on. We also talked about my passion for gathering people around the table. He helped me dream about what a show might look like. It seemed out of my reach but God just opened doors so here I am embarking on a new journey.

Cathe Laurie graciously agreed to be my first guest and I recorded my first show at Harvest OC, their new church. I hope you enjoy our talk as much as I did. She is an amazing and beautiful lady  who is passionate about mentoring young women. She is a an excellent cook and loves sharing that with her grandchildren.

The show is still developing but each week guests will join me to share stories of life around the table. We will offer time saving tips, creative ideas for celebrations, crafts and much more!

The Community Table will be debuting this Sunday and will highlight stories of local people serving our community. I can’t wait for you to hear about these awesome people working hard to meet needs of people who are homeless, teens who are pregnant, bringing home cooked meals to people walking through a tough time.

Each week we will have a giveaway and the chance to win all sorts of fun things!

Show some love to my first sponsors – Kristi Kirkpatrick and Olive Crest. Without them my show would not be launching this month. I am thankful to Lance for opening doors and walking me through the process. Each time I record a show I try remember the words and guidance Frank would impart when I was on his show for the non profit I worked for at the time. Katherine and Penny helped me turn this into a reality and I am grateful to KKLA for thinking outside the box and letting me air a show about food, faith and family. Finally thank you Art for teaching me the ropes and making it all sound better!

I hope you join us around the table!

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