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Welcome to Adventures In The Kitchen

Thank you for visiting from Twitter. If you were here in person I’d offer you a cupcake or cook you a meal. This a blog, created by me, Cheri Liefeld. It is my little playground, where I share the recipes I am making in my kitchen. I believe much of life takes place around the table. It is not just about food, it is a place we share our dreams, our days, our disappointments. Relationships grow stronger when we share both in the kitchen and around the table.

As a freelance food and entertaining writer, recipe developer and party stylist I believe something magical happens when you gather around the table with those you love. Here I focus on food, faith and family celebrating life around the table.

I share recipes and write on family meals, entertaining and giving back to the community. You will find recipes on baking, everyday meals and special occasions. I share ideas for kids parties and home entertaining. You will even find a few freebies I focus on healthy eating and counting Weight Watcher points over at Skinny Chick Recipes. Too much recipe testing led me to that one!

As a former personal chef and cooking instructor my passion is to encourage people to get into the kitchen. I love to explore new recipes, new restaurants and new foods. When I taste something interesting at a restaurant I run home and try to recreate it. My goal is that readers will be encouraged to get in the kitchen and create their own adventures.

My goal is to create mouth-watering recipes that will inspire you to cook.

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Here are a few places you will find my recipes:

My Spring Raspberry Salad was published in the It’s Summer Cookbook by Betty Crocker in April 2010.

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